What's New

New in V2.2

Introduction of Node Locked Licensing & Use of License File

New in V2.1.1

Removed Bugs

New in V2.1

Multiple Placement Faces

Using multiple placement faces

Using Unigraphics Parts as Fonts

Defining a symbol in UG         Using an UG part as font resource

Selecting Characters from a Map

 Character map of Wingdings

Blending of Solid Characters

Blended solid character

Support for TrueType-Collections

Improved Matching of Character Size

Removed Bug

New in V2.0

Support for Unigraphics-Fonts

Using TrueType- and Unigraphics-fonts

Enhanced, More Interactive User-Interface

Moving Sliders

Synthetic Font Styles (Emboldening, Shearing)


Additional Solid-Geometry Options


Improved Robustness Against Common Bugs in TrueType-Fonts

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Last updated: 29-Sep-2004